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Turn your website into
an online copy shop and
start selling beyond your neighborhood

Break the limitations of the traditional copy shop by reaching thousands of customers from anywhere with the website you already have

  • With all the printing options you want
  • Configurable in minutes
  • And without needing technical knowledge

taxes not included

Where is your company based?

There are 2 unstoppable phenomena happening at the same time
in the world of copy shops


Right now, someone less than 500 m away from you is ordering prints online


Between now and 2027, the worldwide market for online printing will grow from $29580 million to $39990 million

People are so used to online shopping that they would rather pay for shipping and wait 3 days than walk down to their usual print shop.

And if we talk about the new generations, even more so.

College students search, download and print tons of notes, all online.

The copy shop downstairs? To photocopy your ID card.

And this is very good news for you.

Today, the best cost/benefit
technology investment you can make
is not another $5000 photocopier.

The best investment is the one that
opens the door to a market of
thousands of potential customers.

Get it with «Plugin Copy Shop»

Turn your website into an online copy shop where users prepare, configure and pay for their own orders without anyone’s help

Llega a miles de clientes

Reach thousands of customers

From your street to the other side of the country.

Present yourself as a complete, convenient and fast shopping option and get orders from anywhere, from a new audience and without generational barriers.

Reduce los costes del negocio

Reduce business costs

Do you prefer a 100% online or a hybrid business model? Either way, by selling online you increase revenue while saving costs:

– Optimize labor costs by dedicating more hours to production and fewer hours to on-site customer service.

– Save costs of the commercial premises, totally or partially.

– Reduce electricity, heating and water costs

Optimiza la producción

Optimize production

Receive orders 24/7 without your customer having to worry about opening hours.

Automate operations, avoid interruptions and downtime.

And anticipate and better balance high and low demand periods.

What is «Plugin Copy Shop»?

It’s the software that turns your business website into a system that integrates file reception, order configuration and online payment tools.

Your users configure and pay for their order, you serve it.

As simple as that.


Fast and clean

In a few hours your online store is installed, configured and ready to receive and collect orders.
Without having to change the website or embark on long and costly programming developments.


No technical knowledge

Use it as you already use your website. You don’t need to know more.

PCS software works on WordPress and WooCommerce websites, and soon Prestashop, Shopify and Magento.


No impact on website performance

It doesn’t matter how many documents per hour your customers upload or how big they are.

It does not consume web resources or hang it.

Configure your printing, paper and binding options in a minute.

Configure your printing, paper and binding options in a minute.

Create scaling and price bundling

Create scaling and price bundling

Add custom rules for your business

Add custom rules for your business

And what can your customers do?

With PCS you configure your online store to your liking to give them the printing and pricing options that interest you.

But, above all, you give them what they are looking for: a convenient platform, always available and without leaving home.

Complete and intuitive interface

Complete and intuitive interface

Automatic project saving and configuration by volumes

Automatic project saving and configuration by volumes

Real-time preview of changes

Real-time preview of changes

This is how you can get your copy shop online

(in a few hours and ready to work)


We assess your situation

We analyze the characteristics of your website and the specific needs of your online copy shop.

Don’t have a website yet? Ask us about development options.


Creamos y configuramos

We build your file storage space, the layout platform and its link with the web.

The new functionalities are added to the web without altering it.


We implement and maintain

Your online store is up and running.

We take care of the maintenance of the layout platform and the management of customer files.

Who are we?

We are Sirvelia. We specialize in custom WordPress and WooCommerce plugin programming.

In addition to creating custom plugins in more than 350 projects for our clients, we also develop technological solutions as our own brand.

Plugin Copistería Online is already the most important.

The idea was born from direct contact with graphic arts professionals who, looking for complementary solutions, saw that selling online was a solution for their business.

Today, dozens of “traditional” copy shops are already selling online all over the country thanks to Sirvelia‘s PCS software.

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We provide support and optimization
from start to finish

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