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The new plugin for online copying that automates the printing of PDF files

Make it possible for your client to upload, personalize and pay for their impressions in just a few clicks


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Do you have a copy shop or print shop and want to start selling online?

What your customers will see

And so you configure it

If you have a copy shop that sells online, this may sound familiar to you:

You have a website, but to sell photocopies online, your customers have to send you an email with the file to print attached.
Or you have a website where the client can request a print, but they cannot select the characteristics they want, so they have to contact you to indicate the color, type of paper and other options.
Would you like to have a system that automates this process, from uploading the file to purchasing?

Buy now the plugin for printing that allows your clients to upload PDF files.
Without your help, they will be able to choose the print features they want while viewing the final price and paying through your website.

The benefits of our
plugin for copying online


In a few clicks, the client will be able to upload the file, choose the print they want and send it to your copy shop


You can integrate it into your page in a couple of steps, we will explain how


Our Plugin integrates with WordPress and WooCommerce to receive orders and payments from the web


The Plugin can be customized with the colors and logo of your brand, so that it integrates perfectly with your page

Using the plugin to print
is very simple

Save time
for you…

The new plugin for online copy shops is designed to automate the printing process: your client will be able to upload their PDF files, select the features they want and, finally, pay and send it to you for printing.
You can customize the plugin to suit your website: colors, typography and logos.
The Plugin is perfectly suited to WordPress and WooCommerce. In a couple of clicks you will have it installed on your website.
The Plugin is updated automatically and you will not have to worry about renewing or updating it manually.

Save time
for your client…

The Plugin for online copy shop is very intuitive and easy to use, either from the comfort of the client’s home, or from your copy shop’s computers.
Your client will only have to access your website and upload the PDF file they want to print. At any time you can delete or add more documents.
Thanks to the plugin, you will be able to select the number of copies you need, if you want it to be double-sided or not, the type of paper, the size and the color of the print. Also here you can choose the type of binding and finish.
If there are multiple documents, you can set them all together or separately.
As you select configuration options, you will be able to preview the changes in real time in the PDF document. Those that you cannot see, such as paper thickness or binding, will appear in text.
The final price will be shown live on the screen, so there are no surprises. The price is updated as the customer chooses the different options.
In the end, the customer will be able to pay from the web, without complications and with complete security, being sent to a WooCommerce cart. You will receive the payment automatically within a few days.
Once you receive the order and have everything ready, your client can pick it up at your location or, if you want, you can send everything home.

The WordPress copy shop plugin
that will allow you to automate your printing process


tax not included
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With Sirvelia technology, the company that develops plugins to make life easier for online businesses

We are a team of engineers with more than five years of experience that pursues a constant challenge: to make life easier for online businesses. We solve the needs of our clients by developing all kinds of plugins for WordPress.
Our motto is: “Ask us for the most difficult”.

Some time ago we discovered that, in online copy shops, there were many who needed to automate their printing process. Thus, we began to develop our plugin for copy shops, designed so that your client can configure their printing from the comfort of their home. In this way, you do not need to be present while your client chooses how they want their printing and makes the payment. Once you receive the order, you can get to work and deliver the print live or by mail.
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A complete revolution for copy shops that will save you money and multiply your productivity!

At Sirvelia we work for you, to solve your problems.
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